Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Right when you think you can trust him....

This is just a little farmer's market in Cornville....about 12 little set ups...but it's fun.


Who knew it would be this fun?

Excuse the pants.....the others got dirty that day....and Nana thought she could didn't work!

Steve and I do two farmer's markets a week...mostly just to get rid of excess plants that we have around here and when we have a fruit year ...the fruit. This last Monday we took the boys with us. There is a playground set and horses around the perimeter, so it is a fun little place....We took a picnic...Yeah! for Taco Bell and sat in the shade to eat. Steve took the kids over to play on the toys and I sold from our booth......Ok...very normal...then I look up..part of the park was being irrigated and what should I see....all 4 of the boys (Steve included) running and playing in the irrigation....this water is straight from Oak Creek....they had a great time and it cooled them down...mud and grass were just additional fun......thanks to our every present Levi quilt and an extra towel in the damage was done to my leather seats!

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The Sorensen Bunch said...

I did not know that Cornville had a market... I have not been to keen on the one in Cottonwood...I may have to give it a go!