Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time To Get Started Again.....

Enough is enough! It is time to get back to blogging. I published my blog into a book and that is why the last post I put in was all recipes.....I wanted them in my book....but now it is time to get back to blogging for the love of blogging.

In over two years many things have happened...and I can't begin to go back and get everything caught up to I am starting from now and going forward...If I haven't forgotten how to do it!

The two most significant events were the birth of our granddaughter, Kali Faith Hope Goodall and the death of my dearest friend Myrna E. Skousen. Both events were ground shaking for very different ways.

I have missed out on posting many events from my three little rascals' lives, Bodie, Brock and Wyatt…plus my new little granddaughter’s life…and she will be turning 2...So, it is time to get going again…I have gone back through some pictures that will give a little update of the last few years. Overall I must say we have continued to be blessed with happiness, health, love and trials. We have learned that the most important thing in life is our faith and family. We have been blessed accordingly.

I am truly grateful for all that has come my way......I still weep and wail when trials come...but I have learned to go faster to prayer and wail a little less. I have had the continual support of my Heavenly Father and have learned so much. For this I am truly grateful.

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Monya said...

it's never too late--and I always like your wisdom--so bring it on sista--can't wait to read about it ALL