Thursday, May 31, 2012


What can I networking has cut into my blogging...I know...excuses, excuses...but it is true...Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, texting,emailing and if I check those things...I forget all about blogging! It is summer time and we have been busy with gardening. I have been inspired by some Pintrest postings and have made my own items. At our house...because Steve is a "collector"....if you need a galvanized tub, a bucket, an old wheelbarrow, a tin watering can....all you have to do is go to the side yard...or ask him...and he will crawl under the house to his hidey hole and pull one out. Some may call it junk...but he takes offense to that I always ask him,"What treasures did you find today?" Or, "Would you happen to have______in your treasures?" Chances are he does have it.....and he is very good at sharing! Now you know how we stay busy in the summer.....Hope this doesn't get annoying...but it is a good way to document our projects.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time To Get Started Again.....

Enough is enough! It is time to get back to blogging. I published my blog into a book and that is why the last post I put in was all recipes.....I wanted them in my book....but now it is time to get back to blogging for the love of blogging.

In over two years many things have happened...and I can't begin to go back and get everything caught up to I am starting from now and going forward...If I haven't forgotten how to do it!

The two most significant events were the birth of our granddaughter, Kali Faith Hope Goodall and the death of my dearest friend Myrna E. Skousen. Both events were ground shaking for very different ways.

I have missed out on posting many events from my three little rascals' lives, Bodie, Brock and Wyatt…plus my new little granddaughter’s life…and she will be turning 2...So, it is time to get going again…I have gone back through some pictures that will give a little update of the last few years. Overall I must say we have continued to be blessed with happiness, health, love and trials. We have learned that the most important thing in life is our faith and family. We have been blessed accordingly.

I am truly grateful for all that has come my way......I still weep and wail when trials come...but I have learned to go faster to prayer and wail a little less. I have had the continual support of my Heavenly Father and have learned so much. For this I am truly grateful.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Over the last 6 weeks......

It has been a busy 6 weeks or more....2 trips to California, sewing, Farmer's Market, and my birthday....59 and still smiling :)

Myrna and I made it to Anthony's in San's been a few years.....but we loved it just as much.
On to Pismo Beach....where Myrna and I stayed at the Beach Cottage Inn.....Katie and Ryan came over and spent time visiting us. It was good to meet him and the view was spectacular!

Nana's birthday party at the park......bring your bikes and let's have a picnic! So, we did!

Sara brought cupcakes and Papa and I brought sandwiches, chips and soda......Yipeee!

Who needs a wash cloth?

Then later Steve took me to dinner for my birthday in Sedona......can't beat this view either!

Steve and I decided to do some gourd art for the ending month of the farmer's market in

Camp that is a day of washing and cutting and staining.....this is in addition to his birdhouses....

Here come the jack-o-lanterns......why do we do this? It's just fun!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Right when you think you can trust him....

This is just a little farmer's market in Cornville....about 12 little set ups...but it's fun.


Who knew it would be this fun?

Excuse the pants.....the others got dirty that day....and Nana thought she could didn't work!

Steve and I do two farmer's markets a week...mostly just to get rid of excess plants that we have around here and when we have a fruit year ...the fruit. This last Monday we took the boys with us. There is a playground set and horses around the perimeter, so it is a fun little place....We took a picnic...Yeah! for Taco Bell and sat in the shade to eat. Steve took the kids over to play on the toys and I sold from our booth......Ok...very normal...then I look up..part of the park was being irrigated and what should I see....all 4 of the boys (Steve included) running and playing in the irrigation....this water is straight from Oak Creek....they had a great time and it cooled them down...mud and grass were just additional fun......thanks to our every present Levi quilt and an extra towel in the damage was done to my leather seats!

Paid labor....

Wyatt loves worms, toads, spiders, and can't see it here, but his shirt has a diagram of a grasshopper on it....soooo fun!
The boys did a good job.....and they liked the $!

The boys were just here for a couple of and dad had things to do in the Valley of the the little guys came to Nana and Papa's house. The mornings are cool, but the afternoons are very we decided to go out right after breakfast to get some good morning work and play garden needed we made a deal....25cents for each 5 weeds. It made for a fun game. Bodie and Brock each earned 9 quarters....Wyatt earned one quarter...he was more into eating the cherry tomatoes... looking for toadies... and playing with worms.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two outstanding entries from the 4th of July parade...

Yes, we even had President Obama and the First Lady, Michelle in our parade...note the sign on the side of the Barbie Mustang :) to love it!!
This daddy turned a wagon into a floatella of patriotic fun....the girls rode inside while dad pulled.....The floats finished and wrapped around and came behind the crowd. In the background you can see Steve and the kids watching the rest of the parade.

4th of July 2009

Packing up the kids to go to the parade and park for the 4th of July ......
All set up in the shade....a major consideration on a hot day....and feeling good we have such a nice cool spot to watch the parade....oh, and this parade is made up of kids on bikes, in wagons, pushed in strollers....and carried by mom's and dads.....all decorated for the 4th.....They throw out candy and that is a major draw for our boys.

Now we move to the park where, once again...we seek the shade and we listen to the community band play patriotic music....they are wonderful....and the drummer let Bodie and Wyatt hit the big drum....that was a highlight for them.

By 10 a.m. the boys had eaten snow cones, candy, & ice cream...Could this day get any better?
Not to them.....this is for sure going to be a GREAT day!

Just playing around in the park....

Waving the flag to the music.....

and of course hanging out on the firetruck......the boys love firetrucks!

Just a happy day!

Rides in an antique firetruck...

Even mom gets to go......then we head back home.....

Brock harvests the garden... Dad, mom, Bodie and Wyatt went riding on the dirt bikes....Brock wanted to stay and help have the pool on the back deck all to himself.
Sometimes he likes just to do his own thing and that works for us.

Dinner on the deck........

Jess joined us....he rode his dirt bike down on the back forest service roads....

Pops went early and set up the observation area for the fireworks....

Yes!'s time to start the fireworks!!!

What a great show! The evening was cool enough and the show was outstanding!

The grand finale! Whew......364 days until the next 4th of July......ahhhhhhhh!