Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Over the last 6 weeks......

It has been a busy 6 weeks or more....2 trips to California, sewing, Farmer's Market, and my birthday....59 and still smiling :)

Myrna and I made it to Anthony's in San's been a few years.....but we loved it just as much.
On to Pismo Beach....where Myrna and I stayed at the Beach Cottage Inn.....Katie and Ryan came over and spent time visiting us. It was good to meet him and the view was spectacular!

Nana's birthday party at the park......bring your bikes and let's have a picnic! So, we did!

Sara brought cupcakes and Papa and I brought sandwiches, chips and soda......Yipeee!

Who needs a wash cloth?

Then later Steve took me to dinner for my birthday in Sedona......can't beat this view either!

Steve and I decided to do some gourd art for the ending month of the farmer's market in

Camp that is a day of washing and cutting and staining.....this is in addition to his birdhouses....

Here come the jack-o-lanterns......why do we do this? It's just fun!


Marilyn J said...

YEA- Your blog is back, alive and well. Happy Late Birthday.

Ron Russell said...

How great it was to talk to Steve! He made my day and wish we lived closer. Send me an email even if he doesn't like computers!
Ron Russell

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Monya said...

Marilyn thanks for your comments on my Blog I love hearing from you. I LOVE Anthony's in San Diego and its funny because Eric and I were just talking about that restaurant a couple weeks ago.
I love Steves new obsession with bird houses. We miss you guys, and wish we lived closer. Katie is so dang cute and I was glad to finally see a picture of Ryan on Saras blog, its nice to put a face to all his awesomeness I hear he has. I love you guys and wish the best for Katie and her delivery.